Matheran Green Festival

Nestled atop Western Ghats, the pretty hill station of Matheran is all set to get prettier. Come May 13 and the forest would echo of music and laughter.

A bunch of nature lovers from all over the globe are gearing up for Matheran Green Festival. There would be workshops, music and other performances, movie screenings, flea markets, food, riot of colors, fun and frolic all around. The twenty days festival would see Artists, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Activists and Environmentalists come together and share their knowledge and experience, celebrate nature and spread love and awareness about sustainable living. The dump yard which is rapidly filling up with plastics, rotten smells and swarm of fleas will be transformed into a sculpture park; sculptures being made from recycled/ up cycled waste in a way that would gradually blend with nature. The countdown to the festival saw a kick starter last weekend as artists from different parts of the country came together and made graffiti on a wall near the station. The enthusiastic team also got admiration from the passing tourists at the sunset point as they made an art installation from recycled bottles and branches collected from the forest. Less than two months away, the team is working passionately all for the love of nature. As they say a journey of thousand miles begin from a single step, the dreamers for a greener universe have set their sail.


An event by Matheran Pratishtan
co-organised by Konkan Bhumi Pratisthan
Supported by Matheran H.S. Muncipal Council

Co-ordinated by
The New Bombay Design &