Upcoming Shortfilm Festivals

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If you are organising a Short film festival do let us know. We are happy to become online partner. Call 8600536756


31 thoughts on “Upcoming Shortfilm Festivals

  1. I want to make short film.Need information such as how to submit film,how to tet forms etc.

  2. माझी एक लधुपट काढण्याची इच्छा आहे

  3. माझी एक शॉर्टफिल्म तयार करण्याची इच्छा आहे.

  4. Mala Short Film karaych aahei plz Mala Mahiti Havi Aahe plz Help me..

  5. माझी एक लघुपट काढण्याची इच्छा आहे.

  6. My short film coming soon. shortfilm .& thanks marathilaghupat.com. all information. .

  7. HII,
    Maza theater cha group aahe. aamhi tya sobat short films suddha karto. but tya professional level la aanaychya aahet. quality grow karaychi ahe. tar, mala guide karal ka please?

  8. I want to make my own short film,but how , where i submitt my script.

  9. Kunhala shortfilm sathi help havi aslyas call kara…8623838476

  10. short film submit karnyasathi konkontya gostichi garaj aahe.Navnath Ade. phone No.9922230696

  11. sir i want also make short film but i dont know about submmition how to submit to festival

  12. This is a good,common sense article.Very helpful to one who is just finding the resouces about this part.It will certainly help educate me.

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